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Assign Pieces in Bulk to a New Location
Assign Pieces in Bulk to a New Location

You can move multiple pieces at once to a new Location right from your main dashboard.

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Need to move multiple pieces from one location to another? No problem. With Artwork Archive's bulk actions, you can assign multiple pieces at once to a new location

  1. From the main dashboard, click Bulk Actions on the top menu > Assign to Location

  2. Choose the Location to move the pieces to

  3. If known, insert a Start and End date for when the pieces will be/were at this Location. These dates will be reflected in each piece's location history. If an end date is set, the pieces will return to your main inventory on that date.

  4. If this is the current location, check the "Current Location?" box. This indicates on each piece record that it is currently located here. If not the current location, leave unchecked.

  5. Use the piece picker to select which pieces you want to move.

    • You can filter the list as needed.

  6. Click Assign to complete the bulk location change.

Did you know?

You can also assign pieces in bulk from within a Location record using Manage Inventory.

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