Backing Up Your Data for Collectors

Tips on backing up your data, images, and contacts for collector use.

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You can export your data from Artwork Archive to your computer at any time.

Below are some additional tips on backing up your data, and additional ways to keep track of your images.

Ways to back up your images:

  1. When exporting your data to an XLS or CSV, your image URL's will be listed on the spreadsheet.

  2. Alternatively, once pieces are uploaded into your account, you are able to access and download Original Images Files at any time. You can find your Original Image Files here.

Ways to back up your Contacts:

While managing your network by uploading contacts, it is in good practice to have your contact data backed up as well as your art collection.

You can export your Contact Data at any time by following these simple steps.

  1. Click on Contacts in the left-hand menu.

  2. Click the Reports tab to open a drop-down menu.

  3. From the menu, click Export to XLS or CSV.

  4. Your data will automatically download to your computer.

Note: Reports will be saved under your reports section. All XLS or CSV data will be downloaded to your computer.

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