How to add Additional Users
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For our Artist-Master, Collector-Premier and all Organization level accounts, Artwork Archive provides the ability to add additional user types. 

The first is an Admin user that will have full view and editing rights. The second is a View-Only user that will only have the ability to view the account without having any ability to edit. This second account type is particularly useful for executives or key stakeholders that want access but don't need to the ability to add or edit data.

How to add additional users:

Click on Account in the left-side menu. You can also find your Account under your Profile Image icon in the upper right-hand corner. 

Once on the Account page, click on Add Additional Users at the bottom of the Account Users box. This will give you the option of creating a new user and assigning a username (their email) and password. Once created, you can email the login and password information to the new user or communicate it directly. 

Note: If you wish this user to only have view access, please make sure to check the View Only Account checkbox.  

How to remove additional users: 

If you wish to remove a user, click on Account in the left-side menu.

Once on the Account page, you can view the additional users in Logins box. Select the X to the right of the email to delete them.

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