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Getting Started with Exhibitions (for Organizations)
Getting Started with Exhibitions (for Organizations)

Artwork Archive makes exhibition management easy. Archive past shows, manage upcoming exhibits, and curate online exhibitions.

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*The virtual Exhibitions feature is only available for Organization accounts.

What is the Exhibitions page for?

You can manage your exhibits in three key ways:

  1. Archive past exhibition records for easy reference. Includes artwork, dates, fees, and other details.

  2. Track details for upcoming physical and online shows. Submission deadlines, artworks, contracts, artists - it's all in one place.

  3. Build online exhibitions to showcase your collection digitally. Drive engagement with media like virtual tours and artist interviews. You can even embed exhibitions onto your own website.

The Exhibitions page centralizes critical data:

  • Artworks included

  • Key dates and deadlines

  • People involved like curators

  • Associated files like loan agreements

Please note: To add artwork to an Exhibition Record, it must first be uploaded into your Artwork Archive account.

Creating an Exhibition Record

  1. Click Exhibitions in the left-side menu

  2. Click the gray New Exhibition at the top of the page

    1. The only field that is required is “Title”

    2. You will add pieces to the exhibition after it is created.

  3. Enter the rest of the information you’d like to include

  4. Click Save

Glossary of terms on the Exhibition Form (click to expand)

  • Fees is an open ended field that you can use to document the fee you charge artists for submitting their artworks, or the fee you pay for a traveling exhibition, or it can be the total cost of the Exhibition.

  • Within Location Info you can identify the Exhibition as On-site, Online or Traveling.

  • You can also assign a Location to the Exhibition. *If you enter start and end dates below the Location field, the system will automatically add your Exhibition pieces to the Location when the Exhibition is up.

  • Exhibition Groups/Rooms allow you to categorize your Exhibition as you might in person. Consider them sections of the exhibit. For instance, you could segment the exhibition into themes like "Abstract," "Representational" or by medium -- "Paintings," "Sculpture," "Drawings," etc. If you make your Exhibition public, the viewer will be able to view the Exhibition by Room. It is a filter on the Exhibition page.

  • You can also publish the Exhibition to your Public Profile page. To make the Exhibition public, scroll down to Public Exhibition Page Options and check the Publish Exhibition box.

  • You can include image and video media on your Exhibition's Public Profile Page. Examples of Image Media include installation shots, exhibition fliers, press releases and other marketing materials. Examples of Video Media are guided tours and exhibition walkthroughs, artist interviews and guest lectures.

Adding Pieces to an Exhibition Record

After clicking Save on the Exhibition form, you’ll be brought to the Exhibition record.

  1. Click Assign Pieces in the top menu below the Exhibition name.

    1. If you are adding Pieces to an existing Exhibition record, click Exhibitions in the left-hand menu and select the show to which you'd like to assign Pieces.

    2. Then, click the gray Assign Pieces button at the top.

  2. Select the Pieces you'd like to assign from the left side

  3. Click the gray Move button to add them to the Selected Pieces column to the right.

  4. Once you’ve added the Pieces you want to include, click the blue Assign button.

    1. If you have created an Exhibition Group/Room within the Exhibition Record, click the Add Pieces to Group dropdown on the top of the page.

Exhibition History

Each piece assigned to the show will have an Exhibition Record automatically added to their Artwork page within Exhibition History.

How to Archive an Exhibition Record

  1. Go to Exhibitions in the left menu

  2. Locate the Exhibition you want to archive

  3. Click the Archive button on the right side

  4. The archived Exhibition will now appear on your Hidden page, accessible from the top menu.

How to Delete an Exhibition

  1. Click Exhibitions in the left-side menu.

  2. Click Edit to the right of the Exhibition you wish to delete

  3. Click the red trash can button at the bottom of the page.

Please note: The deletion is permanent, but the individual Piece Records associated with the Exhibition will not be deleted.

Still have questions? Watch this quick tutorial.

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