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How to Change the View of Your Internal Dashboard for Collectors
How to Change the View of Your Internal Dashboard for Collectors

Customize how you view your archive visually to best suit your needs

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In Artwork Archive, there are the multiple options for how you can view your works within the platform. With varying layouts, find what display works best for you while managing your inventory.

When you login to your Artwork Archive account, you will land on the Pieces page. This will be considered your main dashboard or home base. Below will cover the four main display viewpoints that you can use and how each one differs from the next.

Gallery view

Gallery View is the default tile view that lists all works with the images as the focus.

List View

List View allows you to see smaller images listed out with more information shown. If you need to quickly access details such as Creation Date or Location, this is a great view to use.

Table View

Table View works like an excel sheet that gives you specific data information in organized columns. You can use the Sort and Filter options to easily compare information on the go.

Slideshow View

Using the Slideshow mode, you can view the works as large individual images and Zoom to look at details more closely, or show colleagues easily during conversation.

Being able to choose which viewpoint works best for you is a great way to start discovering all of the features the platform has to offer! Follow the resources below to learn more about arranging your main dashboard.

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