Artists use Artwork labels for all kinds of purposes. Some use them for the back of their artwork to ship off to galleries while some create wall labels for exhibitions. 

You can create labels for you artwork in two different locations. 

First, you can create labels for any of your artworks by going to Artwork on the left-hand menu, clicking New Reports and selecting Artwork Labels from the drop-down menu. 

You can select small, medium, or large labels for your works under the label options, as well as select the information that you want to include on the label. 

Scroll down to the "Select your pieces" section and choose the artworks you want to include on your labels. 

Note: You can click Add all your pieces to include your entire Inventory, or select which Pieces you would like to include by clicking Filter or by simply selecting them from the list.

Once you have selected your pieces, click the gray Move button and then Generate Report.

You can also navigate to Locations in the left-side menu and create labels for all of your works within a certain location. 

Select the Location associated with the artworks for which you want to create labels. 

Select the gray New Reports button and select Artwork Labels. 

Check the boxes for which information you want to include on the Wall Labels for that Location and click Generate Labels.

You will be redirected to Reports. Click on Artwork Labels or the Download arrow to open a PDF. 

Example Artwork Labels:

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