How to Edit or Delete Mediums

How to add, edit or delete duplicate mediums connected to your Piece Records

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Artists, Collectors and Organizations can include custom mediums when adding or editing Piece Records in Artwork Archive. Medium refers to the materials used to create an artwork. As you enter custom mediums for your pieces, Artwork Archive will save these and provide them in a dropdown menu to select again for future pieces using the same mediums. This makes it easy to consistently track and document the materials used across your artwork over time.

For example, if you enter "Acrylic" as the medium for one piece, and "Acrylic on Canvas" for another, these would be treated as two distinct mediums. Both would then appear as options in the medium dropdown list going forward.

How to Edit or Remove a Medium:

The mediums in the dropdown list come directly from the medium entered for each artwork. To remove a medium from the list, you would need to edit the associated artworks and change or remove that medium.

For example, if you wanted to eliminate "Acrylic on Canvas" from the list, you would need to edit any pieces currently using that medium and change it to just "Acrylic" or another preferred term. If many pieces need updating, you can use the Bulk Edit feature under Bulk Actions to change the mediums in bulk. This allows you to efficiently update multiple pieces to your preferred terminology, which will update the dropdown medium list.

Bulk Editing Mediums:

  1. Navigate to the main Pieces Page

  2. Click Bulk Actions from the top menu

  3. Click Bulk Edit

  4. Filter pieces by the medium you'd like to remove

  5. Select all of the pieces with that medium and click Move to transfer pieces to the right Selected Pieces section

  6. Click the blue Next button at the bottom of the screen

  7. Choose Update Medium from the first Update Individual Fields section

  8. Enter the new medium you want to use for these pieces

  9. Click the blue Confirm Changes button to save your updates

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