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Getting Started Checklist (for Organizations)
Getting Started Checklist (for Organizations)
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Not sure where to begin? Here is a helpful checklist for users just getting started with their Artwork Archive Organization account:

1. Get to know your main dashboard (Pieces Page)

  • Click here for more articles related to navigating the Pieces Page.

2. Set the preferences in your Account

  • Click here for more articles related to managing your personal or company account settings in Artwork Archive.

3. Upload artwork

Add New Pieces one-by-one or up to 20 at a time using Bulk Upload.

We recommend uploading your high-resolution images to Artwork Archive for your piece records. If you choose to have a Public Profile, the images will automatically be downsized for web-viewing. We accept most image types up to 30 MB each and you can upload up to 10 supporting images per Piece Record. Your high-resolution images will be stored on your artwork record under "original files" at the bottom of the Piece Record.

  • Click here for more articles detailing how to upload artwork into your account.

  • Moving from another system? Have your information in a spreadsheet? We can get that info into your account for you! Check out our import service.

4. Populate your Artists' Profiles

The artist contact is created automatically when you upload a 'New Piece' by that artist and will automatically be labeled as an 'Artist' under 'Association.' You can then click into their contact record and enter their date of birth (and death, if applicable), their biography and nationality, as well as social media links and their website.

  • Click here to learn more about populating an artist's Contact Record.

5. Create your first Report

  • Click here for more articles on the Reports you can generate in Artwork Archive.

6. Get to know Artwork Archive's CRM for Organizations

Artwork Archive has developed a fully integrated CRM tool that is intended to help you build new relationships, strengthen existing ones, and generally work smarter when it comes to making decisions about managing your art business, institution, and/or collection.

7. Share your collection

By default, all of the information in your account is private. However, you can choose to share the work in your collection privately or for a more general audience.

  • Private Rooms: Learn more about how to share work in your collection privately

  • Public Profile: Learn more about how to share work in your collection publicly

*Click here for more features and tutorials specifically for Organization accounts.

🎥 More of a visual learner?

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